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Be one of Arab Bank’s winners!

Enjoy convenient and secure online shopping with your VISA credit card or VISA Internet shopping card and be one of Arab Bank’s winners! 

If you have not recently used your Arab Bank VISA card for online shopping, then this is the right time to start! Get a special reward worth 5% of the value of your first online purchase (up to USD 50) when you use your card online during the campaign's period*.

And that's not all! The top 15 online shoppers based on the number of online transactions, will each receive a credit refund prize of USD 50 or its equivalent in other currencies

If you have not previously activated your card for online shopping, you will have to activate it for this feature either through Arabi Online or by calling our Customer Contact Center or visiting any of our branches.

Kindly visit the following web page to learn more about:

For direct registration to the service, please click here.

So why wait? Use your Arab Bank VISA Card to shop online through Verified by VISA service and be one of the winners! If you do not have a card from Arab Bank, there is no better time than now to get one and start using it.

For more information, please call 17541000 or visit our branch.

Terms and conditions apply

*Offer is only applicable on cards that have not been used for online shopping since 1/1/2014. The value of the first item you buy should exceed USD 200 or its equivalent in other currencies. This campaign will run from the 1st - 30th of April, 2015

**All offers contained herein are provided directly by Visa Inc to its Customers subject to its terms and conditions. Visa Inc holds the sole and exclusive ownership of these offers. Visa Inc and Arab Bank Plc are separate entities. Arab Bank is not liable for the validity of any of these offers.

Terms and Conditions for Arab Bank Secured E-Commerce Campaign:

1. This campaign will run from the 1st – 30th of April, 2015 in Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain.
2. Arab Bank offers the following rewards for the eligible VISA Credit Card and VISA Internet Shopping Card holders:

A. 5% reward up to USD 50 (or equivalent in other currencies) for the first e-commerce purchase of a value no less than USD 200 (or equivalent in other currencies). The purchase must be conducted during the campaign period and with a card that has never been used for e-commerce transactions since 1/1/2014
B. 285 prizes valued at USD 50 will be awarded to VISA Credit Card and VISA Internet Shopping Card top users, as per the number of e-commerce transactions during the campaign period, provided that the total e-commerce purchases are no less than USD 200 (or equivalent in other currencies). The rewards are distributed as follows:

Jordan 90 rewards
Palestine 40 rewards
Egypt 40 rewards
Lebanon 25 rewards
United Arab Emirates 25 rewards
Qatar 15 rewards
Bahrain 15 rewards
Arab Bank employees 35 prizes divided equally among the participating areas (five awards for each country)

3. Qualified cards must be activated on the system, non-delinquent and activated for internet use.
4. Only successful and processed transactions would be considered.
5. Rewards granted to shared limit supplementary card users would be given to the primary cardholder, whereas separate limit supplementary cards will be treated as primary cards.
6. Each customer can only win once.
7. Rewards will be credited to the eligible card accounts after the end of the campaign.
8. The Bank reserves the right to choose eligible customers based on the information that is in the Bank‘s possession on the decision-making date, and the Bank's decision shall be final in this regard.
9. Arab Bank reserves the right to amend the campaign’s terms and conditions at any time and as it deems appropriate by announcing it with the convenient channels.
10. The Bank reserves the right to stop the campaign partially or totally at any time and without announcing the reasons by announcing it with the convenient channels.

Licensed as a Conventional Retail & Wholesale Bank by the CBB. This service is available to our Retail Bank customers.